Infographic and Report: Top US States for IT Salaries

Infographic and Report: Top US States for IT Salaries

Many feel that the IT job sector is dwindling due to how IT is being forced to change because of the Cloud. For most working in IT, this area is all they have ever known and considering a job focus change is a scary prospect. But, really, the Cloud is not eliminating jobs as much as it is changing how the IT job works. There will be many opportunities to learn Cloud technologies and continue on in the IT job sector under new acumen.

For many, sticking in the IT world may mean relocating to ensure a top salary. Phoenix TS, a training solutions provider, has sifted through the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics report to locate those locations in the US where IT works will benefit from the best salaries and optimum cost of living.

Their full report is located here: The Top States for IT Salaries

The report has been abbreviated in the Infographic below…

The Top States for IT Salaries
Compiled By: Phoenix TS
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