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Industry Bytes: NEC Introduces New ProgrammableFlow Networking Products

At this past VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas I met with NEC to discuss some of their new product releases. On the enterprise networking front NEC I met with Don Clark director of business development for ProgrammableFlow for NEC about their new ProgrammableFlow networking products. While most people don’t think about NEC as a networking company NEC is actually one of the top 3 networking vendors in the Japanese market. Their new ProgrammableFlow products are based on the OpenFlow standard which has been developed by a collection of today’s leading networking organizations led by Stanford University. NEC was the first company to bring an OpenFlow based product to market. ProgrammableFlow essentially brings virtualization to the network by enabling the organization to decouple network logic from the physical network infrastructure. NEC’s ProgrammableFlow products provide load balancing for network resiliency and multi-tenant capabilities. NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Switch lists at $25,000 and their ProgrammableFlow Controller lists for $75,000. You can find out more about NEC’s ProgrammableFlow network products at: http://www.necam.com/PFlow/

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