Important Notes from the Editors

A New Name to Mark Expanded Coverage

When a publication called Windows Scripting Solutions comes to your mailbox next month, don't toss it away! It's not junk or unsolicited mail but rather the December 2000 issue of your scripting newsletter. Starting next month, the Win32 Scripting Journal will be sporting a new name—Windows Scripting Solutions—to mark its expanded coverage of scripting in the Windows environment.

As a subscriber, you'll now receive valuable scripting information on three fronts:

  • The Windows Scripting Solutions print newsletter. The newsletter that arrives in your mailbox each month will be devoted to providing you with scripts, code snippets, and all the relevant information you need to adapt and use these scripts and code snippets in your Windows system. Windows Scripting Solutions will continue to feature your favorite columns and authors as well as introduce a few new features and faces.
  • The Windows Scripting Solutions Web site. The first week of each month, you'll find an additional article on the Windows Scripting Solutions Web site. This Web-exclusive article won't be in the print newsletter, so you'll be getting even more valuable information than before. Because the newsletter's name is changing, the URL for the Windows Scripting Solutions Web site is changing as well. Starting December 1, the new URL will be
  • The Windows Scripting Solutions UPDATE. In the middle of each month, you'll receive this free email newsletter. Windows Scripting Solutions UPDATE will keep you abreast of scripting news, new scripting products, and hot scripting books, jobs, and events. This email newsletter will also provide you with scripting tips, tricks, and code snippets.

At this point, you might be wondering what this extra coverage will cost you. Rest assured, we aren't increasing the subscription rate or charging any additional fees. We just want to provide you with as much high-quality how-to information as possible so that you continue subscribing to the newsletter and recommend it to friends and colleagues.

New InstantDoc IDs
In this issue, you might have noticed a series of numbers at the end of each article. These numbers are InstantDoc IDs. If you go to the home page of the Win32 Scripting Journal Web site at, you'll notice a box that says Enter an InstantDoc ID. If you enter an article's InstantDoc ID and click go, you'll proceed directly to that article without having to navigate through the issue's table of contents. The InstantDoc ID is unique to each article and doesn't change, so you'll be able to use an article's InstantDoc ID to access that article today and in the future. 15851

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