Image size

PowerPoint slides are sized, by default, at 7.5 inches high and 10 inches wide. If your image is saved as 11" x 14", you have far more detail than is useful for your presentation. Shrink the image size prior to inserting it in your presentation.

Rules of thumb regarding image size:

  • Size images using a photo editor prior to inserting the image in your presentation. When you 'size' an image in PowerPoint, you are not changing the way the image is saved, you are just 'zooming in' or 'zooming out.'
  • To determine what size your image should be, draw a rectangle on the slide as a 'placeholder' representing the desired size of the image. Chose Format → Format AutoShape (or right-click the rectangle and choose Format AutoShape) and look at the Size tab. Use that information to size the image prior to inserting it onto the slide.
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