I'm unable to install the Command Console on a mirror in Windows 2000.

A. As we saw in 'Q. How do I install the Recovery Console?' the recovery console can be used to boot into a special console that allows us to repair an inoperable Windows 2000 installation.

Like a normal Windows installation we cannot install on a mirrored partition (be it a basic or dynamic mirror set) and so if the system partition is part of a mirror (the partition with Ntldr, ntdetect.com etc.) you need to break the mirror, install the recovery console then recreate the mirror:

  1. Start the Computer Manager MMC snap-in (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Computer Management)
  2. Select the Storage branch
  3. Select the Disk Management leaf
  4. Break the mirror
  5. Install the recovery console as normal (WINNT32 /CMDCONS)
  6. Recreate the mirror

Note: In Windows 2000 you can only create mirrors on dynamic disks although older mirror sets are supported from an upgrade to 4.0 to Windows 2000 on a basic disk but if you broke the mirror you would have to upgrade to dynamic disks to recreate.

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