I'm missing the Windows 2000 Advanced menu option on startup.

A. If you have Windows 2000 dual booted with NT 4.0 and reinstall/repair NT 4.0 it will remove some of the 2000 boot options as its unaware of the extra functionality of 2000 and replaces the startup files.

To restore the Windows 2000 F8 advanced startup menu and logo screen etc perform the following:

  1. Boot to another operating system (NT4, recovery console)
  2. Copy the ntldr and ntdetect.com files from the I386 directory of Windows 2000 to the C:\ drive
  3. If you have a protection problem enter the following commands:
    C:\ <b>attrib c:\ntdetect.com -r -s -h</b><br>
        C:\ <b>attrib c:\ntldr -r -s -h</b>
  4. Upon next reboot the Windows 2000 advanced menu will be available

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