I'm installing SQL Server and am getting a problem with ODBC

A. Check to see what application/service has the odbc files open.

1. Any SQL application - SQLMANGR.EXE, SQL EM etc. will hold them open.

2. Other applications/services like IIS, Backup Exec, SNMP service, Systems Management tools, Compaq Insight Manager, Microsoft Netshow Program server, Terminal Server License Server etc. could all have them open.

3. If you can't figure out what has them open then download a free tool called NTHANDLE from www.sysinternals.com - this will show you what has the files open.

4. If nothing has the files open then it could be that the odbc files on your hard-drive have been marked as read-only. Check this with file manager, explorer or the attrib command. Take the read-only flag off and try again.

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