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Idera Makes PowerShell Plus Available to the Community for Free

Idera Makes PowerShell Plus Available to the Community for Free

Idera has released a new version of its integrated development environment (IDE), PowerShell Plus 4.6. In addition, the company is showing its support for the PowerShell community by making the IDE available for free. The release also coincides with Microsoft's delivery of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, which features the full integration of PowerShell 3.0.

Several PowerShell experts have stressed the exigency for PowerShell expertise in IT environments. In "Getting Started with PowerShell," PowerShell MVP Don Jones states that PowerShell expertise is a more reliable indicator of skillfulness than any Microsoft examination is. "If you think certifications were a key to you getting and maintaining your job, then make no mistake: PowerShell is even more crucial. Ignore it at your peril," said Jones.

Sharing a similar sentiment, PowerShell MVP Thomas Lee says, "With the new capabilities in PowerShell 3.0 and its tight integration with Microsoft's next generation server and desktop products, it is the future of both Windows administration and the development of manageable enterprise applications." In addition, Lee says that the IDE's increased accessibility now empowers users to easily and quickly learn PowerShell while improving the accuracy and speed of their scripting.

Winning gold in Windows IT Pro's editors' best awards for best scripting tool in 2012, Idera's PowerShell Plus provides users with an interactive console that features an advanced script editor, debugger, and learning center that lets IT professionals quickly learn and master PowerShell. The new version of PowerShell Plus has been certified on Windows 8 and includes revised and enhanced script libraries for SQL Server and SharePoint 2010. Additionally, the System Explorer now features SQL Server and SharePoint 2010 plug-ins that help manage SQL Server instances and SharePoint 2010 farms. Visit the PowerShell Plus product page to learn more.

Have an idea on PowerShell content that should be covered on Windows IT Pro? Shoot me an email at [email protected], or send me a message on Twitter at @blair_greenwood.

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