ICYMI: March 30, 2016 Rich Hay

ICYMI: March 30, 2016

Happy Wednesday! By the time you read this, we'll have been digesting the wonder of the Build 2016 keynote.


The most useful tech news and how-tos:

8 Cool Extensions for Changing the Layout of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

How to Control Any Software in Windows with Your MCE Remote

How to Mirror Your iPhone or iPad’s Screen on Your Windows PC

How to Fix Spotlight Problems by Rebuilding the Index

How to Save Windows 10’s Lock Screen Spotlight Images to Your Hard Drive

This handy infographic shows all the best practices for protecting your Gmail account


What we published yesterday:

​Store Up to Eight Notes of Information on Your Microsoft Band -- There’s been a few attempts at providing special note storing apps for the Microsoft Band over the last couple years since the Band was released, but the offerings were limited in function.  A new one, merely called “Notes on Band” is pretty simple but also effective.

Build 2016: Here's How You Can See the Keynote & Follow Our Coverage -- For the next three days, we'll be covering Microsoft's Build. There's going to be a lot of news coming out the event, no doubt, and here's what you need to know to keep from getting drenched by a firehose of information.




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