I have installed Service Pack 3, however the Policy Editor has not been updated.

A. A. This is caused by a mistake in the Service Pack 3 update.inf file. The entry for poledit.exe (the executable for the policy editor) is specified in the \[MustReplace.system32.files\] section whereas the file should actually be in the \[SystemRoot.files\].

To install the new Policy Editor perform the following

  1. Expand the service pack
    nt4sp3_i /x
  2. You will be asked for a directory, enter a path and click OK. A message "Extraction complete" will be displayed when completed
  3. Move to the directory the service pack was extracted to and copy the file poledit.exe to the %systemroot% directory
    copy poledit.exe %systemroot%

Alternatively you can update the update.inf fiile and move the location of poledit.exe from \[MustReplace.system32.files\] to \[SystemRoot.files\].

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