I am unable to run certain 16 bit applications.

A. Certain 16-bit applications won't run under Windows NT, for example if they try and directly access hardware but if you are receiving any of the following errors then you may be able to do something about it:

  • Cannot run 16-bit Windows program. This program requires a newer version of Windows
  • Cannot run the 16-bit program. The application is not supported by Windows NT
  • Can't run 16-bit Windows program. One of the library files needed to run <program> is damaged. Please reinstall this application

A possible cause for these errors are if any of the following dynamic link libraries are missing, corrupt or simply the wrong version.

  • compobj.dll
  • ddeml.dll
  • ole2.dll
  • ole2disp.dll
  • storage.dll
  • ctl3dv2.dll
  • ole2nls.dll
  • stdole.tlb
  • typelib.dll
  • ver.dll
  • commdlg.dll

To fix expand/copy the files from the latest service pack/hotfix you have applied or if not found in the latest service pack, from your Windows NT installation CD-ROM.

Another cause may be that the file NTVDM.EXE has been deleted from your %systemroot%\system32 directory so check this.

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