Here's an iPhone. It's not as fast as it could be.

I am switching to an iPhone from my Lumia 950

However, it is only for a couple of weeks.


OK, in all seriousness, in about 10 days I am planning to shift my AT&T SIM from my Lumia 950 to an iPhone 5c that I picked up several weeks ago as a test device.

I know it is not the latest and greatest device and so performance wise it might be at a disadvantage but I am not undertaking this to evaluate performance. I am more interested in the experience with the iOS platform, apps and of course the collection of Microsoft products and services that is available for it.

You might recall I did something similar to this last year when there were no Windows flagship devices on the horizon and I used an LG G4 for six months. I wrote about the experience in an article called A Mobile Crossroads – Android and Windows 10 Mobile and ultimately decided it was not about the hardware but the apps.

I suspect my excursion with an iPhone 5c will be similar but I want you to help me get prepared for this jaunt down the Apple road.

When I mentioned this earlier today on Twitter I received a couple of suggestions such as using the new Microsoft keyboard instead of the default iOS keyboard on the iPhone 5c.

One other person warned me about conflicts that can occur between backup and syncing with using iCloud and OneDrive.

What other things should I look for and be aware of as I spend the next 10 days getting this iPhone 5c ready for full time use? Are there any specific apps that I should make sure and check out during my time with the iPhone?

Let me know in the comments below and I will take those recommendations into account.

By the way, my Lumia 950 will still be around connected to wi-fi so that I can continue to test and talk about new Redstone mobile builds of Windows 10.

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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