HTC Releases Updated HTC Sense TV App for Windows Phone that Works

HTC Releases Updated HTC Sense TV App for Windows Phone that Works

While I was away in April on one of my many travel excursions, HTC ended support for its HTC Sense TV app across all platforms. I've noted this before, but the ability to control all the TVs, cable boxes, and home theater components in my home was the deciding factor why I chose the HTC One M8 over Microsoft's Lumia models of smartphones. It may seem like a strange choice point, but the HTC M8 is a solid unit and the Lumia's stellar camera just wasn't enough to sell me. I tested the BLU Win HD LTE and the Lumia 640 recently, and while both were good units, I was more than happy to go back to the M8 once the testing was complete.

That said, I was truly bummed (slightly angry) when HTC decided to end support for its Sense TV product. At the time it ended support, the company promised that a replacement would be forthcoming through a deal with Peel, but that never happened.

Last night HTC rolled out a new version of the HTC Sense TV app. This one (now version brings back the remote control functionality.

The app updated for me overnight and I can confirm that all my previously configured rooms are still available and I can create new ones.

The original version of Sense TV contained a special feature that pulled down TV programming and allowed you to view show information in a graphical, intuitive way. This feature is no longer available – just the remote control feature. I'm glad this capability is back but hope it's just a first step to bringing back full functionality.

If you removed HTC Sense TV in disgust of HTC's decision in April, you can reinstall it from the Windows Phone store here: HTC Sense TV

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