HTC Could See a Windows 10 Mobile Build Soon

HTC Could See a Windows 10 Mobile Build Soon

If an update to the Windows Phone Recovery Tool is any indication, those with HTC Windows Phones could actually get a first look at Windows 10 Mobile soon.

Windows 10 Mobile, of course, is the name Microsoft finally settled on for the mobile version of Windows 10.  The company officially announced the name on Wednesday when it finally delivered a message about the full line of Windows 10 editions.

The updated version of the Windows Phone Recovery Tool, now at 2.0.3, shows only a single improvement and that's the addition of support for HTC Windows Phones.

Does this mean we'll see a build of Windows 10 Mobile that supports HTC in the very next release? It's possible. The updated recovery utility hints at that. Rich reported earlier that we could see a new build as early as today, but definitely in the next few days.

But, don't get too excited. Adding HTC support to the recovery tool also means that recovery might be required. Many Windows 10 Mobile testers have had problems with each new build, quickly going through the laborious task of restoring their handsets to stable operations.

As an HTC owner, I'm looking forward to it. But, I'm also smart enough to keep the recovery tool handy.

You can grab the most current release of the Windows Phone Recovery Tool HERE.

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