How to Secure a 3-Year TechNet Subscription Before August 31, 2013

How to Secure a 3-Year TechNet Subscription Before August 31, 2013

It's been a while since I updated you on the current TechNet Subscription community news. As most of you know, Microsoft announced on July 1, 2013 that they are ending TechNet subscriptions. Microsoft is offering alternatives to a TechNet subscription, but the alternatives aren't great replacements even though they are free. The petition to save TechNet stands right around 10,000 signers, and the email list started to help congregate community is still active.

There's been news coverage continues here and there, but the initial burst has died down somewhat. Microsoft is quiet on the issue and I suspect they are hoping that the movement will just sputter out. A couple weeks ago I was offered the chance to interview the VP in charge of the TechNet decision, but I've not heard back in a week or so, which makes me think they may wait until the TechNet deadline of August 31, 2013 and then choose to discuss the free alternatives instead of offering condolences. Of course, with all the news surrounding Ballmer's exit, TechNet subscriptions is probably pretty far from their minds.

So, the rush is on to subscribe to TechNet by August 31.

Susan Bradley, the acclaimed SBS Diva, has been working for the past week or so to come up with a longer term solution for a TechNet subscription. Today, she has posted a recipe to secure a 3-year deal, spreading payments out over the life of the contract. The premise is that you purchase a TechNet Plus subscription (before the August 31 deadline) and then add four more products to the order. Susan highlights loading the cart up with the cheapest items you can locate (and gives examples) to keep the overall cost to a minimum.

Her instructions and examples are here:

Last chance to buy Technet Plus - this time on a VL contract


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