How Many Hats Do You Wear?

If you're like most IT staff, you wear multiple hats in your company. It's not uncommon, for example, for IT staff to wear the hat of a Windows systems administrator as well as the hat of a database administrator (DBA) or Exchange administrator. For this reason, Scripting Central provides information about how to write code for not only Windows OSs but also applications that run on those OSs, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange Server.

If your job includes wearing the DBA hat, you'll probably be interested in this month's winner of the "Mighty Mini" contest. Arthur Zubarev's winning script, QueryTable.vbs, queries a table on a local or remote database server and displays that table's contents in a browser. This script also demonstrates how you can use VBScript code to query a SQL Server database. You can read about this script in the "Scripter's Toolkit" section.

If you wear the DBA hat, you'll probably also be interested in learning that SQL Server Magazine has just launched its redesigned Web site. The site's new design features a cleaner layout, improved navigation, and improved search capabilities so that you can get SQL Server-specific results to your queries.

Even if you're not responsible for any databases, the launch of the redesigned SQL Server Magazine Web site might be good news for you. Like IT staff, the Web staff at Penton Media wears many hats. These hard-working folks are responsible for not only the SQL Server Magazine Web site but also the Code Central Web site (as well many other sites). With the redesign project completed, they'll be working on Code Central full force. If all goes well, when you receive the April 7 edition of Scripting Central, it'll feature a headline that reads "Code Central Now Open for Business."

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