How do System Policies work?

A. You have a different System Policy for Windows 95 machines, and Windows NT machines. The Windows NT Policy editor is shipped with Windows NT server, and the Windows 95 System Policy editor is on the Windows 95 CD-ROM in the \ADMIN\APPTOOLS\POLEDIT directory. Policies alter registry settings on the target machine, and once the registry settings have been changed, the changes remain until changed by something else, therefore if you implement restrictions they will remain even if the policy file is deleted. By default, Windows clients look for policy files in the NETLOGON share on the domain controller (for NT, the machine that validates the logon, for Windows 95 the PDC unless you implement load balancing). Windows NT looks for the policy file NTCONFIG.POL and Windows 95 machines CONFIG.POL.

An important thing to note, is that NTCONFIG.POL/CONFIG.POL are not copied to BDC's by default and you have to setup directory replication.

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