How do I use the Exchange Optimizer utility?

A. After you install Exchange you are prompted to run the Exchange Optimizer utility, however it can also be run afterwards:

  1. From the Microsoft Exchange folder choose Microsoft Exchange Optimizer
  2. A dialog will be shown asking permission to stop the Exchange services, click Next
  3. Next the user and server configuration dialog will be shown and you should enter details of the number of users and how the server will be configured. Also a Limit memory option is available, by default Exchange will use as much memory as it needs, however if you have other apps running on the server you may wish to limit the memory Exchange can use, the minimum is 24MB, but you are recommended to use a limit of 32MB. Click Next to continue
  4. The application will then test your disks to decide where best to place the Exchange database files and then click Next
  5. A dialog will be shown with the new recommended file locations and click Next
  6. If files are being relocated then make sure the box on the new dialog is checked and click Next
  7. Finally click Finish

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