How do I upgrade from NT 3.51 to NT 4.0?

A. The scenario below is for upgrade an NT Workstation 3.51 machine to a NT Workstation 4.0 machine. It is the same to upgrade a NT Server 3.51 to a NT Server 4.0, except that if you upgrade a server you will also be given the option to install IIS (Internet Information Server).

  1. Although it is possible to upgrade using the floppyless install, in this example we will boot off of the 3 NT installation disks (which can be made using winnt32 /ox). Insert the first NT installation disk and boot up the machine
  2. You will have to put in Disk 2 and then press Enter.
  3. You will be given a choice of options. Choose "Setup Windows NT" by pressing Enter
  4. Press Enter to Detect Hardware and you will have to insert Disk 3.
  5. When the detection is finished, if you have extra drivers to install, insert the OEM disk and press S to specify addition devices.
  6. Once all drivers have been installed read the license agreement by scrolling down using the page down key and press F8 to agree at the end.
  7. A check of the disks will run and it will detect your previous installation of NT. Press Enter to upgrade this installation.
  8. Allow the program to perform a quick check of the disk by pressing Enter.
  9. The Fonts on the system will be upgraded and files copied over.
  10. Remove any disks and press Enter to reboot
  11. Once the system has rebooted press the Next key to allow the Setup program to verify the computer information
  12. Enter the CD-Key that is on the back of the NT installation CD-ROM case and click Next
  13. Select if you want a repair disk and click Next
  14. Select components and click Next
  15. Click Next to upgrade Network Services
  16. Any non-standard Network components will be displayed and you will be advised to remove and add them after the installation.
  17. Click Finish and the main files will be copied
  18. Click the "Restart Computer" button

The only problem with the upgrade is it does not remove old applications that were part of 3.51, such as cardfile.exe.

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