How do I upgrade a Microsoft IIS virtual server to run Windows SharePoint Services?

A. After you install Windows SharePoint Services on a server, you can apply the SharePoint extensions via the Central Administration Web site, which you'll find, by default, at http://localhost:7048/default.aspx .

  1. Navigate to the Central Administration Web site, which the figure shows.
  2. Click "Extend or upgrade virtual server."
  3. You'll see a list of Microsoft IIS virtual servers. Select the virtual server you want to upgrade with SharePoint information (e.g., Default Web Site), as the figure shows.
  4. Select whether this SharePoint instance is hosting new content or should map to existing content (e.g., if you want multiple SharePoint front end servers hosting the same content). If this is new content, select "Extend and create a content database," as the figure shows.
  5. In the the Application Pool creation screen, create a new pool with the SharePoint service account. Enter the site owner and email address and select the "Use default content database server," as the figureshows. You can apply optional custom URLs and quota templates, in addition to the language to be used. Click OK.
  6. When the installation is complete, a success message will be displayed. Click OK. If you now navigate to the previously empty Web site, the SharePoint template screen will be displayed. Select a template, as the figureshows. Now you can begin to use SharePoint, as the figure shows.
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