How do I set an Internet Explorer favorite icon for my web site?

A. A.  Internet Explorer 5 allows the setting of an icon for favorites which you can easily enable for your web site.

When you create a favorite in IE 5.0 and above it checks the root of the web site for favicon.ico which should be a 16x16 icon or it may be ignored (in Windows 2000 version it handled a 32x32 icon fine). Create the icon with any icon editor such as the one supplied with Visual Studio.

You can also manually specify an icon with a different name with the following code snippet

    &lt;LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF=""&gt;<br>
    &lt;TITLE&gt;NT FAQ&lt;/TITLE&gt;<br>

Obviously your header section of the HTML will be different from mine but the important part is the LINK REL section.

This icon is only used for favorites and will not be checked and read in until the site is added as a favorite.

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