How do I reserve a specific address for a particular machine?

A. A. Before performing this you will need to know the hardware address of the machine and this can be found by entering the command

ipconfig /all

Look for the line

Physical Address. . . . . . : 00-60-97-A4-20-86

Now at the DHCP server perform the following

  1. Log on as an Administrator
  2. Start the DHCP Server management software (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - DHCP Manager)
  3. Double click on the DHCP server, e.g. *Local Machine*
  4. Select the light bulb and from the Scope menu select "Add Reservations"
  5. In the Add Reserved Clients dialog box you should enter the IP address you wish to reserve and in the "Unique Identifier" box enter the hardware address of the client machine (got from the ipconfig /all). Do not enter the hyphens, e.g.
    Also enter a name for the machine (and a comment if you wish) and click Add
  6. Click close when you have added all the reservations

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