How do I move the distribution point for Remote Installation Services?

A. To move the distribution point for the Remote Installation Service perform the following actions. The destination must still be NTFS and NOT the boot or system partition.

  1. Stop both the trivial FTP and NetPC Boot Service Manager services
    C:\> net stop binlsvc
    C:\> net stop tftpd
  2. Copy the remoteinstall directory from the current drive to the destination
    C:\> xcopy <current drive>:\remoteinstall <dest drive>:\remoteinstall
  3. Delete the old reminst share
    C:\> net share reminst /d
  4. Recreate pointing to the new location
    C:\> net share reminst=<new drive>:\remoteinstall
  5. Invoke the RIS self check mechanism (the wizard will be started, click Next and then Finish)
    C:\> risetup -check
  6. Restart the services
    C:\> net start binlsvc
    C:\> net start tftpd

If you get an error from the client such as 'file not found', change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CCS\Services\Tftpd\paramters\Directory to point to the new directory (<new drive>:\RemoteInstall)

Installation images stored in locations other than \\<server name>\<share name>\RemoteInstall\Setup\<language>\Images and referenced through junction points are not acted upon by the Single Instance Storage (SIS) groveler agent and may use extra disk space.

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