How do I manage the Certificate Authority of Key Management Server?

A. This is managed through the Exchange Administrator program as follows but make sure that the Microsoft Key Management service is running (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Services)

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator Program
  2. Expand the sites and select Configuration
  3. Double click on CA
  4. You will be asked for the password. If this is the first time enter "password" (lowercase, no quotes). You can also select for it to save the password for up to 5 minutes to avoid having to retype it in the short term. Click OK
  5. Once logged in various functions can be performed

To change your CA password perform the above then:

  1. Select the Administrators tab
  2. Click "Change My KM Server Password"
  3. Enter the current password and set a new one. Click OK
  4. Click OK to the main dialog

You can also add new KM administrators from the Administrators tab

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