How do I link Exchange 5.5 and the Active Directory?

A. The latest beta of Windows 2000 ships with the Microsoft Active Directory Connector (ADC) which replicates a hierarchy of directory objects between the Exchange Server 5.5 directory and the Windows 2000 Active Directory.

But first a potential problem:

Protocol 389 is used for LDAP communication but if you are running Windows 2000 and Exchange 5.5 on the same computer then you may find Exchange has problems starting the LDAP directory service and thus stopping you creating the connection.

To get around this change the port the Exchange LDAP service uses by double clicking LDAP under <Org>\<Site>\Configuration\Protocols and change the protocol, e.g. to 1020. Restart the Exchange Directory service for the change to take effect.

Exchange 5.5 with Service Pack 3 allows you to change the port used by LDAP SSL.

Also if you install Exchange 5.5 on a 2000 domain controller you must make the Exchange Server account a member of the local Server Operators group.

Back to ADC :-)

The software is under the VALUADD\MGMT\ADC directory of the Windows 2000 CD. To install perform the following on the Windows 2000 domain controller:

  1. Run setup.exe from the VALUADD\MGMT\ADC directory
  2. Click Next to the install wizard
  3. Select both the connector service and management components. Click Next
  4. You will be asked where to install. Accept the default and click Next
  5. Enter the Exchange Service account and click Next The account will be granted the 'Audit' right. Click OK
  6. Files will be copied and click Finish once completed

A new icon 'Active Directory Connector Management' will have been added to the 'Administrative Tools' branch.

Now we need to setup a connection agreement between the Exchange Server and the Active Directory:

  1. Start the ADC Management MMC snap-in (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Active Directory Connector Management)
  2. Right click on the Active Directory Connector (<machine name>) branch and select 'New - Connection Agreement'
  3. Under the General tab enter a name and select the replication directory:
    - Two-way
    - From Exchange to Windows
    - From Windows to Exchange
  4. Select the 'Connections' tab and fill in connection information as shown below:
    Click here to view image
    Notice I have both on the same machine however you will probably have different Exchange and Domain Controller machines.
  5. Select the Schedule tab to select how often and when to replicate
  6. Select the Deletion tab to control how deletions are handled, either delete from both directories when deleted from one or just note the deletion to a log file.
  7. Under the 'From Exchange' and 'From Windows' tab select the items to replicate.
  8. Click OK
  9. The Exchange Schema will be modified and its directory service will be stopped and restarted.

Now changes will be replicated between the Exchange and Windows 2000 directory services.

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