How do I install the Windows Scripting Host software?

A. When the software is downloaded from a single file is fetched, WSH.EXE.

Switches for WSH.EXE are

/Q - Quiet Mode
/T:<full path> - Specifies temporary working folder
/C - Extract files only to the folder when used also with /T
/C:<CMD> - Override Install Command defined by author

To install perform the following:

  1. Start WSH.EXE either by running or clicking in Explorer
  2. Click Yes to the installation confirmation
  3. Click Yes to the license agreement
  4. Click OK to the install success message.

If you wanted to install as part of a logon script or the like you would use

C:\> wsh /q

Which then asks no questions and gives no confirmations. You could check to see if WSH is installed and only install if not found, e.g.

if not exist %systemroot%\system32\wscript.exe \\<server>\<share>\wsh.exe /q

Where \\<server>\<share> is a share that holds the WSH.EXE image.

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