How do I install the Windows 9x Policy Editor?

A. To install the Windows 9x Policy Editor on a Windows 9x machine perform the following:

  1. Start the Add/Remove Programs control panel applet (Start - settings - control panel - add/remove programs)
  2. Click Windows Setup tab
  3. Click Have Disk
  4. Click the Browse button and select the Netadmin\poledit directory of the Windows 98 resource kit. Click OK
  5. Check the "System Policy Editor" box and click Install
  6. Close the Add/Remove control panel applet box

The System Policy Editor will now be available under Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Policy Editor.

To install the Windows 9x policy editor under an NT machine just copy the Netadmin\Poledit directory to a folder on the Windows NT machine, e.g. 98poledt and create a shortcut on your desktop or Start menu to poledit.exe. When you first run it, it will load the NT .adm files. Remove these using Options - Policy Template and then re-add those located in the 98poledt folder (normally common.adm and windows.adm). Be aware - Profiles created under NT, even with the Windows 9x version of the policy editor will not be read correctly from a Windows 9x machine so the config.pol file needed for Windows 9x machines should be created under a Windows 9x machine and then copied to the netlogon share of the domain controller.

Installing under NT is only useful for experimenting and it will not be able to load profiles created by a Windows 9x machine.

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