How do I install the Windows 9x directory services client?

A. Windows 2000 ships with a Windows 9x directory services client which allows 95 and 98 to used some of the more advanced features of the Active Directory. To install perform the following:

  1. Insert the Windows 2000 Server
  2. Move to the Clients\Win9x folder
  3. Double click on Dsclient.exe
  4. Click Next to the wizard start-up screen
  5. Select the 'I accept this agreement' on the license screen and click Next
  6. Click Next to the installation start dialog box
  7. A number of files will be installed on the client machine
  8. Once the file copy has completed click Finish to the wizard
  9. Click Yes to restart the machine

You could install the client from a network share by copying the Dsclient.exe to a share on a server.

With the DS client installed you can perform full searches on the Active Directory, for example selecting Start - Find - Printers you can enter your location and it will find printers near you!

This installation also installs the files Secur32.dll, Msnp32.dll, Vredir.vxd, and Vnetsup.vxd which support enhanced authentication. Even if you uninstall the Directory Services Client these files will remain.

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