How do I install the Windows 2000 terminal services web interface?

A. Windows 2000 service pack 1 and above CD supplies an add-on to Terminal Services which allows a terminal services session to be imbedded into a web page using a supplied ActiveX control.

It does not have to be installed on a Windows 2000 Terminal Services server but does require NT Server 4.0 or above with IIS 4.0 or above installed

To install perform the following:

  1. Logon as Administrator to the IIS server machine
  2. Insert the Windows 2000 Service Pack x CD
  3. Move to the VALUEADD\ECP folder
  4. Double click Tswebsetup.exe
  5. Click Yes to install the Terminal Services Web Client package
  6. Click Yes to the license agreement
  7. You will be asked for the location to install the sample pages, e.g. d:\Inetpub\wwwroot\TSWeb and click OK
  8. You may be prompted that software is trying to be installed with a certificate and accept it
  9. You will be asked if you wish to read the release notes, click No
  10. Click OK to the install completion message

The ActiveX Client Control setup program creates a Tsweb directory under the WWWRoot directory of the target computer, and copies the following files into it:


  • default.htm

  • connect.asp

  • manyservers.htm

Once installed you will be able to connect to


where you can enter a server name and connect. You can also choose to have full screen or a specific size.

Click here to view image

Once connected you will be asked for a username/password/domain unless you click 'Send logon information for this connection' which enables you to send as part of the connection request.

Another file, manyservers.htm is supplied which allows multiple connections on a single page.

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