How do I install the Key Management Server?

A. Key Management Server allows secure e-mail via both signed and encrypted messages. To install perform the following:

  1. Log on the Exchange server as an Exchange Administrator
  2. Insert the Exchange Server 5.5 CD
  3. Run the Exchange SETUP.EXE
  4. Click Add/Remove
  5. Select "Microsoft Exchange Server" and click Change Option
  6. Check "Key Management Server" and click OK
  7. Click Continue
  8. Enter the site services account and password and click OK
  9. You now have an option for the special start password to be displayed (only once) and you need to securely store it and enter it every time you start, or select this to write to a floppy disk and a backup copy and click OK.
  10. If you selected write to disk you will be asked where to write to. By default it is A: however you can change this to a permanent drive. If you do permanently store it then anyone will be able to have the secure KM password.
  11. The setup will complete. You should now reinstall any service packs installed.

You will notice whether you choose to store the password a single file kmserver.pwd will be created with a single word in, for example:


The final step is to configure the Key Management service to start automatically at reboot time.

  1. Start the Services Control Panel applet (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Services)
  2. Select "Microsoft Exchange Key Management Server"
  3. Click Startup
  4. Select Automatic and click OK
  5. You can also choose to start now by clicking Start. You will have to enter the disk containing the password or manually enter the password.

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