How do I install Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000?

A. You can download the beta of ISA from which will download a file x86_9986isa.exe which you need to extract.

  1. Double click on the folder
  2. Click Yes to the extraction (30 MB of disk space is needed)
  3. The intro wizard will be shown, close it
    Click here to view image
  4. The files will be extracted to the c:\ISA Beta 3 CD folder
  5. Click OK to the finish dialog

To install perform the following either from the CD or the c:\ISA Beta 3 CD folder:

  1. Either run setup.exe from the isa folder or to run from the main dialog run sitautorun.exe and select 'Install ISA Server'
  2. Click Continue
  3. Enter the CD key NNN-NNNNNNN and click OK
  4. The product ID will be shown, click OK
  5. Click 'I Agree' to the license
  6. The next screen allows you to specify the installation directory (by default, %systemDrive%\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server) and the installation type
    - Full - This will install all the components and optional extras
    - Custom - You can select the exact components that will be installed
  7. If you selected Custom then a list of options will be displayed. Make your selections and click Continue
  8. If you not run the Schema update to the Active Directory which adds the information needed for arrays then you will be warned you cannot join and array and do you want to continue. Click Yes
  9. You can now select the type of ISA being installed

    Make your choice and click Continue
  10. If IIS is running (which uses port 80) it will be stopped as ISA captures ports 80 and 8080 and you are advised after setup to change the port the web publishing service users. Click OK
  11. If you selected Cache or Integrated mode then you will be asked for the location of the Cache. All NTFS volumes will be shown and you should select the volume to hold the cache. Click OK
  12. You now need to enter the IP addresses that make-up your internal network. Enter the From and To numbers and click Add or you can click Table and let the service work out your table for you (make sure you select the adapter from your machine) if your network is simple. Click OK

    (notice it adds the standard sets of IP addresses that are defined as internal only)
  13. The files will now be copied over
  14. Once completed you will be asked if you wish to start the Getting Started tutorial and click OK
  15. Click OK to confirm the completion of the install

You are now ready to configure ISA for use.

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