How do I install the ICA DOS client?

A. You will first need to create the DOS ICA client installation disk as explained in 'Q. How do I create Citrix Metaframe client media?'.

The DOS machine will also need the ability to connect to the network as explained in 'Q. How can a DOS machine connect to an NT domain?'.

To install the client perform the following:

  1. At the DOS machine insert the created install disk (or map to a network share containing the wfcdos files)
  2. Run install.exe
  3. Select the installation target, C:\wfclient by default. Press Enter
  4. The client files will then be coped to the target directory

To run the client simply change to the wfclient directory (or add to the machines path variable) and run WFCLIENT.EXE.

When you run for the first time you will need to create a new entry, click Yes to create a new entry.

Enter connection details such as connection medium (Microsoft TCP/IP), server name/address.

You should then select the Entry and select Connect.

TAGS: Windows 8
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