How do I import management packs into System Center Operations Manager 2007?

A. By default, System Center Operations Manager 2007 installs only its operations management pack. Although you can deploy the agent to clients, it won't really monitor anything that's installed on the monitored computers beyond very basic information, and nothing technology-specific (e.g., information about the Active Directory).

To install additional management packs for more detailed monitoring, you can perform the following. Start the System Center Operations Manager 2007 console, and select the Administration view (at the bottom left of the console). Right-click Management Packs in the navigation pane, and select Import Management Packs. Navigate to the ManagementPacks folder of the System Center Operations Manager media (or to the location to which you downloaded a management pack, if it's not part of the product). Select the .mp files you want to install, and select Open. A dialog box will appear, listing the selected management packs, along with additional information. Click Import to start the import process, which this figure shows.

When the import is complete, click Close. The imported Management Packs will now be listed under the navigation pane's Management Packs node.

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