How do I import a foreign volume in Windows 2000?

A. If you take a disk from another machine and place in a Windows 2000 box it will be shown as foreign and its partitions not available, however its partition information can be imported and volumes used. Any volumes that were part of a set will be deleted during the import phase unless the whole set of disks are imported.

  1. Start the Computer Management MMC (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Computer Management)
  2. Expand the Storage branch and select 'Disk Management'
  3. Right click on the volume to be imported and select 'Import Foreign Disks..' from the context menu shown
    Click here to view image
  4. Click OK to the displayed dialog of the disk to import. If you imported multiple disks they will be grouped by the computer they were moved from and can be selected by clicking the 'Select Disk' button. If the disks imported are not dynamic they will all be imported regardless of you choices.
  5. A dialog will be shown showing the volumes to import. Click OK
    Click here to view image
    Notice the partition that was part of a RAID 5 set is not usable.

The data on the imported volumes will now be accessible (you have to refresh in Explorer to see them (press F5)).

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