How do I get the RIO 500 player to work on Windows 2000?

A. I bought one of these and wasted ages trying to get it to work until I found some great instructions at The instructions show you how to use a special USB driver and a special version of the Audio software.

An alternative method which I've since found is to use the same USB driver ( and extract to a directory. Attach the RIO500 via USB and power it on. When it asks for a driver specify the location you extracted the ZIP to.

To actually copy the MP3 files to the RIO500 you can use RealJukeBox ( which has a RIO500 add-on which is great. If you have trouble installing the add-on (maybe due to a firewall) just extract rio500.dll from to the Plug-in's directory of Real Jukebox (C:\Program Files\Real\RealJukebox\plugins), restart the software and you should be able to add it as a device (Options - Preferences - Portable players/storage - Add) and copy away. Its very cool :-)

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