How do I get the Microsoft Windows NT 5.0 Beta?

A. A. Windows 2000 is currently in beta test. The technical beta program is closed and is not accepting additional requests at this time. The Windows 2000 beta is not generally available at present for free. If you want this beta, there are five approaches you can consider taking:-

  1. Send email to [email protected] The Technical beta is closed, and email to this account is unlikely to get you onto the beta. If you do send email, remember you need to justify why MS should send you the beta. Given that the Technical Beta is closed, this approach is unlikely to get you a beta copy.
  2. Take out a subscription to MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network) Professional or Universal levels. MSDN Subscriptions offer comprehensive, timely, and convenient access to Microsoft Visual Tools, essential technical programming information, Microsoft operating systems, software development kits (SDKs), device driver kits (DDKs), Microsoft Office, BackOffice Test Platform, etc. See for more details including pricing.
  3. Microsoft has said that there will be a wider consumer preview of Windows 2000 now that Beta 3 has shipped.
  4. Take the Microsoft Official Curriculum course 1264, NT 5.0 First Look.
  5. Purchase Technet Plus which includes beta products.
  6. Order the Hardware evaluation Kit. For more details on this, see

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