How do I extend a volume in Vista?

A. The same process to shrink a disk applies to extending a disk. Vista can extend a disk to free space in front of or behind a volume and keep the volume as a simple type. Obviously, it’s possible to use other options (e.g., spanned volumes) that can use non-contiguous blocks of space on one or more disks. Follow these steps:
1. Start the MMC Computer Management interface by selecting Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Computer Management.
2. Expand Storage, Disk Management in the navigation panel.
3. Right-click the volume you want to expand, and select Extend Volume from the context menu.
4. The maximum amount of space by which a disk can be expanded will appear, along with the disk whose space is being used. Select the amount of space, and click Next.
5. The system displays a summary of the action to be performed. Click Finish.

You can also use the Diskpart tool's Extend command to extend a volume in the same manner as with Windows Server 2003.

TAGS: Windows 8
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