How do I enable Print Auditing?

A. If you need to check what is being printed, then you can enable Print Auditing:

  1. Double Click on My Computer, then double click Printers
  2. Right click on the desired printer and select Properties
  3. Click on the Security Tab
  4. Select Auditing and click the Add button, you will be prompted with an Add Users and Groups dialog box
  5. Select the Users/Groups who you want to Audit for the Printer and click Add
  6. Once finished click the OK button and in the Printer Auditing main dialog select the events to Audit, i.e. Print, Delete.

Print events will now be sent to the Security log which can be read from the Event Viewer (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools).

If you experience problems with events not being audited try enabling File and Object Access as well.

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