How do I cut/paste information in a command box?

A. To copy the entire contents of a command window, you can maximize the window (Alt - Enter) and press the Print Scrn button. Alternatively:

  1. Right click the title bar
  2. Select Mark from the Edit Menu
  3. Click the left mouse button at the start of the text you wish to copy, and drag until the end of the selection
  4. Press Enter to copy the select, or right click the menu again, and select copy from the Edit menu
  5. To paste right click the menu bar, and select paste from the edit menu.

Alternatively you can enable QuickEdit mode by right clicking on the title bar and selecting properties. Select the options tab and check the "QuickEdit Mode" box. Now you can select text with the left mouse button and just press Enter to copy into the clipboard.

When QuickEdit is turned on, you also can paste into the command box by right clicking with the mouse.

In either mode you can paste by pressing Alt + Enter then E then P.

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