How do I create a Volume Set?

A. A volume set allows you to take all the unused space on one or more drives (up to 32 drives per volume set) and combine it into a single, large, system recognizable drive. To create a volume set:

  1. Logon as an Administrator and start Disk Administrator (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Disk Administrator).
  2. Click on the first free area of disk space, then hold down the Ctrl key and select all the other areas of unpartitioned space.
  3. Once all the parts are selected, from the Partition menu select "Create Volume Set".
  4. A dialog box will be displayed and you can choose the size of the partition to be created. Click OK
  5. Once created the areas that are part of a Volume Set will be shown in yellow.
  6. Close Disk Administrator (or select Commit Changes New)
  7. A confirmation dialog box will be displayed, confirm and a reboot will be required.
  8. Once the reboot has completed you can now format the volume. You should really format the Volume NTFS, as DOS and Windows95 clients will not be able to read it anyway!

The main problem with volume sets is that if one drive in the volume set fails, the entire volume set becomes unavailable.

Volume sets cannot be used for the boot or system partition.

TAGS: Windows 8
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