How do I create a new Remote Installation Service image?

A. Its possible to create new images based on existing installations which has the advantage of having applications already installed and configured. To configure the new image perform the following:

  1. Create a 2000 Professional installation with applications installed. Both the system and boot partition must be the same partition, e.g C:
  2. Logon to the machine as an Administrator
  3. Run the RIPrep image from the RIS server (Start - Run - \\\REMINST\Admin\i386\riprep.exe), e.g \\titanic\REMINST\Admin\I386\riprep.exe
  4. Click Next at the welcome dialog
    Click here to view image
  5. Enter the server name of the RIS server. Click Next
  6. Enter a folder name for the new install, e.g. 2000andapps. Click Next
  7. Enter a friendly description and help text. Click Next
  8. Any running applications will be displayed and you will be asked to stop them. Click Next after stopping them
  9. A summary of the remote installation server and folder name will be displayed. Click Next
  10. A screen explaining the next step will be shown. Click Next to begin the image preparation
  11. The program will verify the Windows version, check the partitions are OK and then copy files to the RIS server, this may take some time
  12. The machine will then shutdown and you may reboot and use as normal

If you examine the RIS server you now have an extra client image.

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