How do I create a new Index Server catalog?

A. Index Server stores its information in catalog's and you can create multiple catalogs to store different groups of information such as web sites, directories etc.

  1. Start the Computer Management MMC snap-in on the IIS server (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Computer Management)
  2. Expand the Server Applications and Services branch
  3. Right click on 'Indexing Service' and select New - Catalog
  4. Enter a name for the Catalog and a location
  5. Click OK
  6. You will need to stop and restart the Index Server process for the catalog to take effect

Once added you must configure the directories that need to be indexed:

  1. Again in the Computer Management MMC, expand the catalog added, right click on Directories and select New - Directory
  2. Enter the directory and select 'Yes' to Index. Click OK
  3. The change will take effect straight away

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