How do I connect two Workstations using RAS?

A. NT Workstation supports one inbound RAS connection so one NT station will be the RAS server, and one will be the client. The procedure below is what I did to connect two machines.


If RAS is already installed

  1. Goto Control Panel, and double click Network
  2. Goto Services and click on “Remote Access Server”, and click Properties
  3. Click on the Port and click Configure
  4. Select “Dial Out and Receive” or just Receive
  5. Click Continue
  6. Select if user can access Just Computer or Entire Network for NetBEUI
  7. Click Continue and fill in details for TCP/IP, For this setup we will assume the dial in client will have a TCP/IP address so check the box “Allow clients to use preconfigured address”
  8. Click OK and then close
  9. You will then be prompted to restart the computer

If RAS is not already installed, goto “My Computer” and double click “Dial-up Networking”, it will then detect your modem and then take you to step 3 as above.


This assumes RAS is not installed

  1. Goto “My Computer”, and double click “Dial-up Network”
  2. You will be asked for the NT CD, and it will install Modem and RAS
  3. It will then detect any modems, once the modem has been found click continue
  4. It will then say the phone book is empty and you should add an entry. Give a name and select “Next” (do not select “I know about modem properties” unless you do”)
  5. Select “I am calling the Internet” and click Next
  6. Enter the phone number and click Next, then click Finish
  7. Select the entry, and click More, select Edit Entry
  8. Goto server Tab, and check NetBEUI and TCP/IP. Click TCP/IP details and fill in then press OK. Finally click OK again.
  9. Select the PhoneBook entry and click Dial.
  10. The first time you connect you will have to supply a username, password and domain (select “save password” so this information does not have to be entered again).

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