How do I configure the Remote Storage subsystem?

A. When run run the Remote Storage MMC snap-in (from the Administrative Tools folder) for the first time a configuration wizard will run the first time which you can use to configure the basics. Before running insure you have a 4mm/8mm dat or DLT drive or the setup will not continue.

  1. Click Next to the introduction
  2. It will check for the correct local rights and a media device that matches the required specification. If it fails but you have a DAT or DLT configured click on Remote Storage under the Removable Storage and ensure that it has a media pool of the required DAT/DLT type.
  3. A list of drives that you can use with Remote Storage are displayed. Select the volumes and click Next
    Click here to view image
  4. Next set the percentage that the free space must dip below before files are moved to remote storage and also file sizes and how long since they have been accessed. Click Next
  5. Select the media type you wish to have the files copied to, e.g. 4mm DDS. Click Next
  6. Next you can configure a schedule for which the check for files to be moved will be performed. Click the 'Change Schedule' button to modify from the default of everyday at 02:00. Click Next.
  7. A summary will be displayed. Click Finish

The information will now be displayed under the 'Managed Volumes' branch and can be modified if required. A 'Remote Storage' tab will also be added to the disk properties from Explorer to enable easy configuration.

You can add more managed volumes by right clicking on 'Managed Volumes' and selecting 'New - Managed Volume(s)...'. The wizard shown above will then run again.

TAGS: Windows 8
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