How do I close a Terminal Server connection?

A. If you click Start from a Terminal Server session you will see two options if connected to a Windows NT 4.0 box

  • Disconnect
  • Logoff

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There is a major difference between the two.

If you select Logoff your session is logged off and your connection to the terminal server is closed and the connection slot you were using may be used by someone else.

If you select Disconnect you are not logged off, rather the session window closed but if you restart and logon as the same person it will remember all applications and their state. This may seem ideal but remember a Terminal Server has a finite number of allowed connections and a disconnected session constantly uses a connection stopping someone else from connecting.

A disconnected session remains active until one of the following:

  • You log back on as the same user then logoff
  • The idle timeout is reached and the session automatically logged off
  • An administrator forces your logoff using the Terminal Server Administration tool

If you connect to a Windows 2000 box you will see Disconnect and Shutdown, selecting Shutdown gives the option of logging off.

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