How do I automatically FTP using NT?

A. I use a basic script to update my main site and the mirrors using two batch files. The first consists of a few lines:

cd \savilltechhomepage
ftp -i -s:d:\savmanagement\goftp.bat

The -i suppresses the prompt when performing a multiple put, and the -s defines an input file for the FTP like:

open - the name of the FTP server
- username
- password
cd /www
- remotely move to a base directory
lcd download
- locally change directory
cd download
- remotely move to a sub directory of the current directory
- set mode to binary
put - send a file
cd ..
- move down a directory remotely
lcd ..
- move down a directory locally
cd ntfaq
lcd ntfaq
mput *.html
- send multiple files (this is why we needed -i)
close - close the connection

TAGS: Windows 8
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