How do I automatically create an Exchange mailbox for all members of the domain?

A. Exchange can import users from a comma-separated-file (CSV) of the format:

Mailbox,Administrator,,~SERVER,Built-in account for administering the computer/domain
Mailbox,batman,Bruce Wayne,~SERVER,
Mailbox,denise,denise van outen,~SERVER,
Mailbox,Exchange Service,Exchange Service,~SERVER,
Mailbox,Guest,,~SERVER,Built-in account for guest access to the computer/domain
Mailbox,IUSR_ODIN,Internet Guest Account,~SERVER,Internet Server Anonymous Access
Mailbox,IWAM_ODIN,Web Application Manager account,~SERVER,Internet Server Web Application Manager identity Mailbox,krbtgt,,~SERVER,Key Distribution Center Service Account
Mailbox,MTS_ODIN,MTS_ODIN,~SERVER,Transaction Server system package administrator account

Exchange has the ability to generate this file from either a NT domain listing or a NetWare account list.

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator Program
  2. From the Tools menu select "Extract Windows NT Account List" (also notice the NetWare option)
  3. Select the domain and a domain controller and click the browse button to select a directory and filename for the output. Click OK
  4. A summary will be shown listing any errors encountered. Click OK

The file generated has ALL accounts in the domain (as can be seen in the example), for example Exchange service accounts, guest account, IIS accounts so you may want to edit the file generated and remove the lines for whom accounts should not be created.

Once the file has been edited to satisfaction perform the following:

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator Program
  2. From the Tools menu select "Directory Import"
  3. Select the Windows NT domain and the MS Exchange Server. You can also select the container however you should leave this as the default "Recipients"
  4. Click the "Import File" and enter the location and name of the .CSV file created earlier. You can also select to create a Windows NT account however since these accounts were generated by a domain listing its not needed. Click the Import button
  5. The file will be read in and mailboxes created. Again a summary will be displayed showing any errors.

Click here to view image
- Example Import from Domain file

Every member of your domain now has a mailbox on the Exchange server. In larger domains with multiple Exchange sites you may edit the file and import some people into one Exchange site and others into a different site depending on their geographical location.

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