How do I accept a Remote Assistance request and what can I do?

A. When you receive an invitation, you must execute the .MsRcIncident file that's attached to a Windows Messenger or email message or that the requesting user gives you manually. If the user set a password, you must enter the password, then click Yes to connect to the user's computer.

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The computer you're trying to connect to will display a dialog box that lets the user know that you've accepted the invitation and asks whether he or she wants to let you view the session and chat with the user.

When the user clicks Yes, the user's session appears in a window on your monitor, and you can see all activity. The user has a dialog box that lets him or her communicate with you.

If you need to take control, click Take Control, and the system will ask the user whether it's OK for you to do so. If the user accepts, both you and the user will be able to move the mouse, type, etc. To end control, either you or the user can press the Esc key (or any key combination that uses Esc, so be careful).

To end the help session, either you or the user can click Disconnect. If you want to assist the user again, you can reuse the original invitation as long as it hasn't expired or the user hasn't deleted it.

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