How can I view the permissions a user has on a file from the command line?

A. A. A utility is supplied with the resource kit called perms.exe which can be used to view permissions on files/directories. The usage is

perms <domain>\<user> <file>
e.g. perms savilltech\savillj d:\file\john\file.dat

You can add /s to also show details of sub files/directories. The permissions shown equate to

R Read
W Write
X Execute
D Delete
P Change Permission
O Take Ownership
A All
None No Access
* User is the owner
# A group the member is a member of owns the file
? Permissions cannot be determined

To output to a file just add > filename.txt at the end, e.g.

perms <user> <file> > file.txt

TAGS: Windows 8
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