How can I use System Monitor to create sequentially numbered performance logs?

A. Similarly to Windows NT, System Monitor (the performance monitor replacement in Windows 2000) can write to a file. System Monitor also lets you create sequentially numbered performance logs when each file reaches a certain size to make the file more manageable. To create sequentially numbered performance logs, complete the following steps:

  1. Start System Monitor (perfmon.exe).
  2. Expand Performance Logs and Alerts.
  3. Right-click Counter Logs, then click New Log Settings.…
  4. Type the name of the appropriate log.
  5. On the General tab, click Add to select the counter.
  6. Click the object, click the counter you want to monitor, then click Add.
  7. On the Log Files tab, type the location of the performance log and the filename.
  8. Click to select the End filenames with checkbox, then click nnnnnn. If you click Date, the OS overwrites your log file if it reaches its maximum size in less than 24 hours.
  9. Type a starting number for your log in the Start Numbering At section.
  10. In the Log File Type section, click Binary File. You can type a comment if appropriate.
  11. In the Log File Limit section, click Limit of, then type a reasonable size for your log file.
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  12. On the Schedule tab, click When the log file is full in the Stop Log section (the maximum size of the log file should be displayed).
  13. Select the Start a new log file checkbox.
  14. To start logging, right-click the log name in System Monitor’s right pane, and click Start (or click the Start button).

System Monitor puts a British GMT date and time onto all counters. Microsoft acknowledges the fault and says that the company will fix the problem in the Win2K release. You can increment the date when it’s imported into the database to resolve the problem.

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